Intelligence, Asperger's Syndrome, and Learning Disabilities at MIT (A Reference Board - Not Very Active)
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Hey everyone,

I have a friend who's son is gifted with Aspergers and mental illness.  He has numerous health problems plus was bullied as a child to the point of a severe brain injury, so he is not able to work or accomplish much.  I have deep sympathy for my friend.

However, even though I have a close relationship with my friend, she keeps telling me that all people at a 99.9 percentile IQ or higher are socially dysfunctional.  She also says that the schools are now labeling all gifted children as having Aspergers so they can get state funding to help them.  She goes on and on about how highly intelligent people are so different that they are not capable of interacting with average people.

While I do understand that a certain percentage of gifted people have both Aspergers and mental illness, I would assume that there are vast numbers of them who are accomplished and highly functional.  I've done some reading which supports this.  I was wondering if anyone here had an opinion about gifted people and their ability to socially interact.  Hope this isn't too off topic.


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This is unlikely to get a reply, sorry to say.  That said, you should take a look at this article I wrote back in 2003 about Asperger's and MIT.  

Our own experience would suggest that how you get treated depends on who sees you first.  If it's the G&T folks, you are superior.  If it's the medical types, you're autistic...



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Hey Brian,

I did read your article and found it very interesting.  It is sad
that gifted children get misdiagnosed.

I also checked out the triplenine society, which is a group of
people that are 99.9+ percentile.  Fortunately, I had GRE
scores that qualified me for the group (for verbal, quantitative
and analytical the cutoff combined score was 2180 and I was
at 2210).  I got on a chat group with them and did reaffirm
what I thought, that people in the 99.9+ percentile range from
bad to excellent social skills.  I know that seems obvious, but
my one friend was just so adament that I wanted to research it.

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