Intelligence, Asperger's Syndrome, and Learning Disabilities at MIT (A Reference Board - Not Very Active)
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I'm a 25 year old female. A bit of background: I took the WISC in...2nd grade, I think...and made a 148. I went through all the gifted programs throughout my childhood and youth. I was a talented writer and artist, but I never really excelled in school--in part, I think, because of my depression and severe social anxiety. I now have two college degrees in Communications and am working on a third in Graphic Design. I'm happily married to a software engineer. We live in a largely blue-collar and military town.

I can't seem to keep a job. I've had about 7 menial jobs in the past year, and I am either too distracted and end up getting fired, or I don't get along with my female coworkers and quit. I'm a very nice, attractive, and professional person, but people (women, mostly) don't seem to like me very much for some reason. My career is in the mud because I can't proceed past entry-level.

I've never really thought of myself as extremely bright. In fact, I feel less capable than most other people in many ways. I'm terrible at math. I've always considered my 'giftedness' an explanation for my quirks and obsessions. (I recently thought I might have mild Asperger's or inattentive ADD, but the psychiatrist didn't agree--told me that I had OCD instead.)

I know this is very limited information, and I'm not seeking a diagnosis, but I'm wondering how my 'giftedness' is playing into some of my problems. I've heard that social difficulties are commonly experienced by gifted people. But I am not feeling very gifted lately. Could it be that I'm really not gifted? I haven't taken an IQ test in a long time. I can't even keep a job at a bagel shop!

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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Hey Blue.  Couldn't help but notice some similarities we share; I couldn't stay much more than 6 weeks at a job before getting bored and moving on.  Here's what I've done:
1.  I do an annual personal inventory:
    What do I like to do?
    What am I good at?
    What skills do I have that make me unique?
    Do I still want to work for someone else, or should I strike out on my own?
    Where do the results of this survey cross over for the highest score?
    Is there a market for the resulting "job"; can I make money at it?

2.  I touch base with a few trusted friends with the results for feedback; I       ask them if I'm being realistic... (they may not always be right, but...)
    I even ask for suggestions; it's surprising how people who love you want
    you to succeed.  I pray about the results ansd ask God for help too!

Now, I sing and write; I've written a series of kids' books, wrote and recorded a childrens' album, and I'm working on film concepts and inventions.  I make some money and the potential to score big is really strong.

I believe the same sort of approach will work for you.  They don't make simple solutions for folks like us.  We're the ones who provide the flashes of talent and brilliance that make the world spin faster, so relax, be happy and believe in your giftings!  My prayers go with you and your little family.

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